About Me

I'm 38 years old, married (almost) 4 years
ago have a almost 3 year old boy... and
a 4 month old baby boy!  

I have lived in Hiawassee since 2001, directly
out of college at Georgia Southern University.  
I'm a military child and have experienced
a world traveler's life... so saying that I
love it here really says something
about the Northeast Georgia Mountains.  

For activities (aside from the obvious
photography) I love to water ski,
wakeboard, mountain bike, snow ski,
surf and skateboard... though I have
not done much of the last two on that
list lately.  Actually, lately, I have been
riding my wife's horse for a mixture of
work and pleasure, and have found myself
eager to ride him as much as I can.

My experience in photography outside
of learning from the pros: 9 years ago I
started with a Sony cybershot shooting
real estate for a land development sales
office. Then I moved up to another
point and shoot for higher quality
images...then the DSLR and getting
published in magazines along with
marketing shoots for lifestyle advertising
mediums. The real estate developers I
learned my trade through went out
of business so I started my own
photography business and here I am...
oh and more and more experience
shooting events, products, publishing...  

A big heart felt thank goes out to my
friend Tom Cooper of Points North
Magazine who nourished my love
for the art of photography, may he
rest in peace.
Andrea and Kurtis Miller with 6 month old Grayson Miller

People say the nicest things about me!
Just read the reviews on my map listing!