WHY use a Pro for your Real Estate Photography?
Trying to sell your house?   
Use Professional Photography
to get it to STAND OUT!

If you are using just “good enough” for your photos,
you are missing out on one of the best tools for your
COMPETITIVE marketing strategy!

Price is THE most important factor in selling a
If a property is priced too high, great
photos will never sell the home.
However, once
a home is priced near the correct market value
it has to
COMPETE with all the other properties
in that location, price range and similar features.
Getting buyers to come look at a home in today’s
online search market is a matter of standing out
from the other hundreds of properties a home is
COMPETING with. Photography that stands out
is the only way to do that.

Information cited from “Guide to Using Photography
in Real Estate Marketing”

"Guide to Using Photography in Real Estate Marketing".
Investment for Realtors.  

I want to make a Realtor's job easier, but I do not
want to sell a service that does not have value!

I understand that there are many expenses that go
into being a licensed sales agent.  I used to be one. As
a Realtor it seamed that around every corner of my
career I had to spend time and money to be able to
simply just do my job.  

For a Realtor to do their job these days they are
expected to be a P.R. specialist, administrative
assistant, advertising creative writer, sales person,
and a photographer all at once... REALLY?   ...yup, to
be competitive with the other sales agents for listings
and customers they have to be noticeably better to
get the job...and then they have to sell something to
make a living!

So your investment in Pro Photography for your listing
might be a hard one to make after everything else is
considered but I'd like to point out the value in using
my services.